A healthy pet is a happy pet.  Our pets provide us with hours of entertainment and a lifetime of love and devotion.  As with humans, during their lives our pets suffer bumps, bruises, and even more serious injuries sometimes requiring surgery.  These mishaps may cause compensatory patterns that detract from their overall well being.  Whether your pet is young or a senior, a performance or service animal, rehabbing from surgery or has other special needs, 
pet massage is a complementary therapy that can help them feel their best and  enjoy the healthiest life possible.  They deserve it!

Animal massage is more than petting.  It is the manipulation of soft tissue to promote well-being at both a physical and emotional level.  It focuses on specific problem areas or issues and seeks to obtain a desired outcome.   

Massage is never a substitute for licensed veterinary care.  Please consult your vet before conducting massage to ensure that your pet has no physical prblems which might be aggravated by such activity.